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Whether to buy an inflatable spa or not is no more a question amongst homeowners. But, where should we place it? Out of the excitement to have a taste of a warm spa bath, many people dash straight to the market to purchase a lovely inflatable spa. But, when they bring it home, the location becomes an issue.

5 Crucial Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Spot for Your Inflatable Spas

Do you think the location of inflatable spas does not matter? Well, I was once thinking like that until I started facing the music. 

First off, I would have to walk several minutes to and fro the inflatable spa. Not only that, I couldn’t bathe any time of the day because there was no shade over the inflatable spa. At some point, I was having a lot of difficulty with draining the water – it affected everything in my garden. 

There were many more issues, but I would like to stop there. Practically, my inflatable spa became a significant problem in my garden. Though I had a terrible experience, it taught me a great lesson – the location of your inflatable spa matters!

Every household equipment has the right place where it can function perfectly. Let me ask you a few questions? Have you ever seen a shower in a kitchen? Or a dishwasher in a bedroom? I don’t think so. You can only enjoy the shower in the bathroom and your dishwasher in the kitchen. The same thing goes with inflatable spas. To know more about inflatable spa visit

Before you order your inflatable spa, it is best, first of all, to determine the best location for it. You install your inflatable spa will evaluate how well you will use it and how much you will enjoy it. 

Most people (and I guess including you) want to have spa baths for enjoyment. So, if you can’t place your inflatable spa in a perfect position where you can get the best of your warm bath, what is the essence? 

Now, where is the best place to put your inflatable spa? Well, I cannot provide a straight answer to that question. Why? I don’t know the layout of your house. However, I can share some crucial things you need to consider to choose the best place for your inflatable spa in your home.

Here you go.

1. Delivery and removal 

Before you start to think about where you will place it, the first thing to consider is how the inflatable spa will get into your house. Inflatable spas are large home equipment that requires space. You have to create enough space to allow easy navigation when taking it to your preferred position.

Meanwhile, creating a pathway through which the company will deliver your spa can cost you some effort. Some homeowners had to break down some part of the house fence and clear some places in the garden to make the delivery easier. 

Mind you, getting your spa to the location is not the end. You need to keep it at the back of your mind that a need to remove the inflatable spa can arise at any time. For that reason, you must be careful not to erect permanent structures around your inflatable spa. They can become obstacles when it is time to take the inflatable spa out of the building.

2. Weight 

Inflatable spas are heavy without water. And, when you pump in about 450 gallons of water, it becomes more serious. Still calculating the weight, what happens when you and your family members jump inside to have a family treats? I know what you are thinking already. 

Hence, you need to select a spot that can carry your inflatable spa conveniently. If you prefer to have it outside, it is best to place it on a level that is up to 4-inch or more. If you can construct a thick concrete slab of that height, it is better.

Some of the standard options are gravel, tiles, paving stones, and bricks. Considering the weight and size of the spa, it is better if you construct a robust and solid base. 

However, if you love it indoors, invite a qualified structural engineer or building contractor before installing your inflatable spa anywhere in the building. Building experts will have the proper knowledge to guide you through. They will make sure the total weight of your inflatable spa does not surpass the structure’s rated capacity.

3. Drainage and electricity

Before you choose where to put your inflatable spa, you need to consider drainage. There’s no limit to the damage water can cause in a home especially, if it comes in contact with some wooden decks or other structures. 

Generally, inflatable spas require draining a few times a year. This topic of interest is that spontaneous overflow may happen when it is time to drain. You have to prepare for it. That is why it is better to put your spa in a location where you have an existing drain. In case you don’t have any, it is time to install one. 

Ensure that your drainage channel directs water away from the inflatable spa’s compartment – it is in the delivery instructions. 

4. Ease of use 

You wouldn’t want to place your inflatable spa in a location that will make you feel less motivated to bathe in it. Whether you like it or not, where you place your inflatable spa will determine whether bathing in it would be part of your daily routine or not.

When choosing the right place for your spa, make convenience your priority. You will also need to consider the weather. For instance, you live in an area that could make your inflatable spa useless in the winter. In that case, you might consider putting your inflatable spa indoors if you want to use it every day.

5. Comfort and privacy 

You also need to consider your comfort and privacy before you choose your preferred place for your spa. Indeed, you can spoil the whole fun that comes with spa baths if you install them in an area that can deny you all the benefits.

5 Crucial Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Spot for Your Inflatable Spas

Final Words

Choosing the right place for your inflatable spa requires you to combine your desires and needs with this guide. But, if you are using the equipment for the first time, you will rely on this guide to determine the correct location.