5 Tips For Setting Up An Inflatable Spa

For first-timers, the procurement of an inflatable spa comes with the challenge of setting it up. You are likely to get disturbed and flummoxed about not doing it right. Keep calm, we’ve got you covered! We have highlighted these tips to serve as a guideline for setting up your inflatable hot tub without any hitch. These tips will also come in handy during the summer or spring should you desire to set up your inflatable hot tub, so have some fun going through.

1. Study and Comprehend the Manufacturer’s Manual

It’s a known fact that reading through a lowdown of instructions could bore you out. It could be tiresome! 

But as trivial as it seems, it could be just what you need to safeguard yourself from frustrations, time wastage, and loss of money. Assumptions may cost you a lot during the setup, inserting the wrong piece or making wrong connections may lead to jams or breakage leaving you dumbfounded. 

Sending off for spare parts may take a whole day to a couple of weeks so to avoid stories that touch the hearts. Hence, it is recommended to take a quick run through the manual even before getting the spa out of the covering after which you can go through the instructions painstakingly. 

In addition, ensure you diligently crosscheck the list of pieces with the ones in the box. Frustration can set in in the long run during the setup if a piece eventually ends up being missed out. In cases where the manual gets misplaced, a quick run through Google would be of help, or rather visit the manuals library where they are readily available. 

Better still, information is available for free at the Support section of the manufacturer’s website. Something even more interesting than reading manuals is the Instructional DVD that is sometimes packaged with the hot tub and when unavailable, YouTube is just the place to get your set-it-up video.  

2. Carefully Select Your Site

Ensure you place the inflatable hot tub in a safe and secure environment. It is advisable for starters to situate it close to a powerpoint and the use of an extension cable should not be in the picture. This is because some cables may pose dangerous threats to lives and property. 

Some extension cables are not suitable enough for running an inflatable hot tub, hence, making use of such could lead to a fire outbreak. Should our hearts be endeared to a particular spot, we could have an electrician install a power point nearby. 

Furthermore, one thing you must ensure is that the desired spot needs to be leveled and smooth. Having it placed in an area with a rough or unleveled plain will bring discomfort to you while sitting in the hot tub. It could eventually get damaged and rendered useless as a result of the skew on the tub leading to stress on the whole tub. 

Also, be sure that the entire area is smooth and free from any form of objects in the ground that can puncture the skin. In recent times, the hot tubs are made of thick outer layers but precautions need to be taken especially in cases where the hot tub has to be filled with water after being moved to a new spot. 

3. Pay Attention To The Filled Weight 

Be careful and do not be caught unaware! 

No matter where you have decided to position your tub, be it on a deck, indoors or an outdoor edifice, ensure the ground or deck can withstand the weight of the water-filled tub and not just that, but also the inclusion of the cumulated weight of users.

One cogent point that is never missed out in our guides and reviews is that when an inflatable hot tub is filled with water, it weighs over 2,000lbs. Instead of that, you must ensure that the floor you intend to place your tub on can withstand that kind of pressure and weight. Should you be in doubt as regards that, do not hesitate to involve a specialist to put you through. 

Beware of the risks and dangers that accompany splashes and water spilling from your hot tub. Users are highly encouraged to situate the hot tub on the ground floor of an apartment as water spillages gradually weaken the floor and the weight of the hot tub may result in structural damages. 

4. Move After Inflating

Commonly, most people desire to set up the inflatable hot tub in an open vicinity of our compound. Subsequently, it’s then transferred to our preferred site. The hot tubs are not too weighty but they require a minimum of two people to lift them into place and at least someone to transport the motor unit. We are convinced that these tips are deserving of your perusal! 

It’s a great plus having to move freely and swiftly in a room without cramping the pipes or connectors and without uneasily positioning the body.

This may seem very simple and negligible but it’s proved useful and important over the years. 

5. Be Wary Of Over-Inflating Your Inflatable Hot Tub

You need to be careful of that. Overdoing it could have detrimental effects on the hot tub. 

First and foremost, over-inflating the hot tub would put strains on the seams. This will reduce the strength of the seams and bring about leakage or may even cause them to rip. If attention is paid to the manufacturer’s reviews on sites such as Amazon, most reviews are streamlined to the immediate leakage of the inflatable hot tub. 

What is most apparent is that the people in question aren’t in the know. They most likely over-inflated the hot tubs which in turn resulted in the leakage of the seams.

Also, as it was stated earlier that the water can weigh up to 2,000lbs, the hot tub requires a slight give in its walls when you fill it with water. When the walls become very rigid from having too much air in them, the shape of the spa will become irregular or distorted thereby putting stress on the seams and connectors and eventually give rise to leakages. 

Conclusively, we are optimistic that these few tips will ease your inflatable hot tub setup. Do have a good user experience!